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 Dr. Yael Lahav - Research Projects

Childhood abuse

Our studies investigate the psychological, functional, and somatic implications of childhood abuse among adult survivors of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse during childhood. 

Intimate partner violence 

This study is a novel attempt to understand barriers for self-disclosing and help-seeking among women who suffer from intimate partner violence. We are also examining the somatic ramifications of continuous exposure to intimate partner violence over time.

Somatic difficulties and trauma exposure
Victim perpetrator dynamics

This project focuses on identifying underlying mechanisms in the relations between trauma exposure and somatic difficulties. Together with Dr. Tami Bar Shalita from TAU, we conduct experiments and surveys that explores the effects of diverse coping strategies in the face of trauma; we explore somatic outcomes such as chronic pain, anxiety sensitivity, and somatization.

This project revolves around the victim perpetrator dynamic, known as identification with the aggressor. Together with Dr. Sigal Portnoy from TAU, we conduct experiments that aim to shed light on this phenomenon and the mechanisms at its basis.

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